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Sinclair Business and Installation Information

About Sinclair Designs & Engineering.

SDE Sky-Rack Installation Assistance Video.
Introduced by Engineer775.

SDE Sky-Rack Hardware Overview.
Getting to the Nuts and Bolts of an install.

Our customers show you how easy the Sinclair Sky-Rack 2.0 System is to work with!

We want to thank Engineer775, Practical Preppers, Johnny Valentine and all the DIYers
for sharing their experiences and viewpoints.

Engineer775's first Post-Driven install with a Sinclair Sky-Rack.
Install methods are described.

First SDE 20Kw Ground Mount at Johnny Valentine's.
Concrete post mounting.

Bifacial Panels Testing.
Real World Results.

Johnny Valentine from Gain Solar in Georgia.
14' centers install and on-paper system description.

Adjusting an array installed by Advancing Solar Solutions.
Great detail on manual system adjustment and angles.

5-Post DIY Concrete Footer Season Adjustable Rack installation.
Nice time lapse of hole drilling and concrete concerns.

Engineer 775's 1st Direct Tie install - I was WRONG!
Great look at Direct Tie installation and system placement.

Clamp Install Tips from Engineer 775
Tools and Tips to simplify a Clamp Mount System