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$1,800.00 to $8,100.00
$1,800.00 to $8,100.00


SR2 Detailed Desc


In 2020, Sinclair Designs & Engineering introduced the SKY-RACK 2.0 Ground Mount System (Fixed Tilt & Season Adjustable). This product was designed for heavy snow areas. During the winter months, 60 Degrees is an optimal angle for production and snow shedding. This cantilevered design distributes the loads better and offers superior aesthetics. “The COVID pandemic presented us with a unique opportunity.” A large majority of US Solar racking suppliers outsource manufacturing, so they were challenged with extended lead times and material shortages. EPC’s were looking for alternate solutions to get product faster. “That’s when our phones started ringing. Customers needed our short lead times; and are now repeat buyers because of our quality and customer service. We manufacture product in house and answer the phones when you call.” Since the pandemic began, we manufactured and delivered over 150 Megawatts to support residential and commercial installations across the country. Our average lead time is 10 business days for projects under 3 Megawatts. We also provide Solar Carports, ballasted roof mounts, and Dual Axis Tracking Pole Mount Systems.

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