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Sinclair Designs & Engineering
Integrated Design, Machining, and Manufacturing
Michigan's Leading Manufacturer of Solar Roof, Ground, & Car Port Systems
Supported over 80 Megawatts of Solar Installation in 2017
In 2017, Sinclair Designs & Engineering partnered with Patriot Solar Group, one of the fastest growing Solar distributors in the Mid-West region of the United States (ranked #69 on Solar Power Worlds top 500 Companies). Our design team has engineered the most practical and efficient solar racking systems in the industry.

 Together, we are providing high quality solar products and project solutions at competitive prices.
You provide the component specifications and we will design, manufacture, and run your tooling. 3D design simulation and force analysis allows us to verify the function of the assembly and improve reliability.
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Metal Blanking - Stamping - Forming
Precision CNC Machining
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